Callback Form for Appointments

With Appointmind, you can easily integrate a callback form into your website with just a few steps. The advantage over conventional forms is that only available times for the callback are suggested. The form is synchronized with your calendar. Additionally, you can manually block unavailable times.

Why Appointmind's Callback Form is the Ideal Solution for You

Booking Conversation Appointments: Flexible and Versatile

Individual Conversation Topics

You can set conversation topics with any duration.


Your appointments can be synchronized bidirectionally with iPhone, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and Android.

Seamless Integration

You simply insert the appointment calendar with a few lines of HTML code into your website.

Email and SMS Reminders

No missed calls thanks to friendly reminders via email and SMS.

Times Freely Adjustable

You can set start times of callbacks according to your wishes.

With or Without Password

You can decide whether your customers can reserve appointments as guests or need to register.

Responsive for Smartphones

The appointment calendar is optimized for small screens.

Collect Customer Data

During the appointment booking, customers can enter personal data such as phone number or a remark.

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Online Conversation Scheduling on Your Website

For therapists, doctors, driving instructors, municipalities, communities, authorities, financial advisors, insurance brokers, golf pros, dance instructors, to enable the scheduling of individual appointments.
For courses and events with multiple participants and times.
Schedule for devices, vehicles, or rooms for clubs, medical practices, fitness studios, and rentals.
Online Conversation Scheduling Devices

Integrated with Many Other Services

Google Calendar Synchronization

You can synchronize your appointment booking with many other programs and devices via the interface to Google Calendar.

Data Export

Export appointment and customer data and download the data in Excel format.

Payment Function

Customers can pay for the appointment with credit card, PayPal, instant bank transfer, or direct debit before or after booking the appointment.

Proven Expert

Appointmind automatically sends an email to the end customer after each appointment with a link to the rating survey at Proven Expert.


Send mailings and newsletters to your customers with MailChimp.


Meetings support your entire sales process, from initial contact and appointment coordination to live consulting with video communication and screen sharing.

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