Terms of Service and license conditions

The following conditions shall apply to all of our plans and products.

  • You are responsible for complying with legal and other provisions.
  • Your interaction with your customers is not subject to our knowledge or influence.
  • We will store your personal data to the extent necessary to meet contractual obligations.
  • Your data and customer data will not be forwarded to third parties.
  • Functions and services of the software provided may be modified in the future. (Core functionality shall remain the same).
  • We will not assume liability for errors caused by third parties.
  • We are liable for damages only in the event the damages were caused intentionally or due to gross negligence.
  • We are not liable for damages incurred through your errors.
  • We are not liable for loss of profit or loss of savings.
  • Legal venue is Schwarzenbek, Germany.

The following conditions apply to our subscription plans.

  • We offer free assistance and support via email.
  • You will be granted access to our software after valid subscription and upon receipt of the first subscription payment.
  • You shall use our software for the purpose of scheduling appointments (as provided by us) on our server.
  • A data backup will be created on a daily basis.
  • We guarantee availability of our software at an average of 99% annually.
  • The contract duration is for an unspecified timeframe. The contract can be terminated on monthly basis.

The following conditions apply to our software that can be downloaded and installed on your server.

  • We offer free assistance and support via email for one year after the purchase. This includes the initial purchase as well as the purchase of an updated version.
  • You may sell the software only if you don't keep and run your own copy.
  • For each copy of the software you sell, you are required to purchase a license beforehand.
  • Any kind of renting of the software is forbidden.
  • We discourage changing the code of the software. We cannot provide free support for changed software. (Exempted are changes in configuration or template files.)