Version 6 released



Version 5.14.0

Besides bugfixes and improvements following new features have been added:

  • Added triweekly recurrence for time blocking.
  • Added option to set an individual redirection page after appointment reservation. Useful for ad conversion tracking.
  • Improved login screen if users are required to log in.
  • Added second email address field that requires users to repeat their email address in order to catch typing errors.
  • Added a feature that allows administrators to login as a certain user in order to access their account. Useful for helping users.
  • Added day by day browsing to daily view.
  • Administrators and operators are now specially labled in user list.
  • Added some additional information to user details.


Version 5.9.0

  • Using a mail account for sending emails can now be activated and configured in the settings section of the admin area
  • The result number of the appointment and customer list can now be changed in the Quick Settings (cog wheel symbol right hand side above the lists
  • The month selector now shows the week number
  • The user front end (not admin area) is now available in Ukraine
  • The customer list now has an option to show all deactivated/not activated user accounts
  • The usability of the function to reset the user's password has been improved


Version 5.8.8

  • Added: Different subject and message text for admin and operator notifications
  • Added: Option to set a CDN URL for static files
  • Fixed: Display the reason for a reservation in existing appointments even though that reason has been deactivated
  • Fixed: Display document upload form in the admin area
  • Changed: The reservation and registration form HTML structure
  • Fixed: Typos in the language files


Version 5.8.6

  • Appointment reasons can be grouped together now. A click on the group name shows all group members.
  • The number of reservations and cancellations are shown in user and appointment details in the admin area.
  • The appointment reason and the end of an appointment can now be hidden. The latter comes in handy if the end of an appointment varies or is generally unknown.
  • User accounts can be deactivated via the admin area. Deactivated user accounts cannot make reservations.
  • Users are automatically logged in after the registration
  • When reserving administrative appointments, the operator can now enter a custom text as the reason for that appointment.
  • The admin can now search in all the fields of the customer database (optional).
  • The column order in appointment and user list can be changed. Columns can be shown or hidden.
  • The admin can now select a user from the user list and proceed to make a reservation for that user.


Version 5.0.5

In this new version, the admin area gets a whole new look. Instead of the blue which was beginning to show its age, the admin area is now in a simple gray. You can preview the changes in our demo version.

If you are still seeing the old design, you can go to Configuration > General Settings > Application Settings > Layout Style of Admin Area to switch to the new design.

In addition to the new standard gray design and the previous blue design, you can also choose the new design in shades of blue and orange.

Other changes in this version:

  • In the e-mail template for the email notification, there is a new variable {end_date} which can be used to display the date on which an event ends.
  • Display of appointment times can be disabled.
  • Notice and confirmation messages are now clearly recognizable as such
  • In the admin area under "Reserve Date," the current day is now in color



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