Update for the Google Calendar Synchronization

The result is this error message:

Expected response code 200, got 403

The access to the Google calendar is being denied and the synchronization doesn't work anymore.

Schedules hosted on Appointmind servers

Customers who are hosting their appointment schedules on Appointmind servers only have to log in to Google and authorize Appointmind to access their calendars. Information and the link to Google can be found under "Configuration / General Settings / Google Calendar / Select Schedule".

Schedules hosted on own servers

Customers who are using our software Schedule Organizer to host schedules on their own servers need to go through these steps:

  1. Deactivate synchronization with Google Calendar
  2. Delete email address and password of the used Google Account
  3. Delete the module "googlecalendar" in the folder /modules/ on the server
  4. Install latest version of Schedule Organizer
  5. Upload new module "googlecalendarapi" to folder /modules/ on the server
  6. Create a new projects in the Google developer console
  7. Activate the Calendar API for that projects
  8. Create Client ID and Client Key
  9. Enter Client ID and Client Key in the Google Calendar module
  10. Authorize the new module to access your Google Calendars

Our recommendation: Use our hosted solution and move your schedules to the Appointmind servers. Our systems are always up-to-date and you don't have to worry about changing APIs and software updates.

As stated above, the new Google Calendar synchronization module requires the latest version of Schedule Organizer. If you've purchased the software within the last 12 months, you're entitled to a free update. Please contact us with your order information so that we can send you the new version and the new module. Otherwise you can order the new version on our website.

Google Developer Console

This video shows how you create a project in your Google Developer Console, how you activate the Calendar API, and how you create Client ID and Client Key.


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