Creating a Better Looking, Cheaper, and Simpler Product

There are already plenty of good looking, cheap, and simple products out there. With this much competition a new competitor would have to be really good at marketing and acquisition. Really, really good.

In this day and age, good looking and simple isn't enough. BookMe, Doodle's appointment scheduling offspring, has closed shop last October. If a company with plenty of skilled and experienced people, and with an already large reach can't make it... But I guess they had set themselves some goals that they haven't reached before a certain deadline. A couple of thousands in revenue is probably not good enough for a large company. It should suffice for a side project of one or two people, though.

Also, offering something simple won't really help unless the software looks simple but in reality has tons of features. Almost each and every one of our customers claims that they need a simple solution. Most of the times it turns out, that they require one or more special features in order to make appointment scheduling work for their business or their industry.

It's obvious that a company can't and shouldn't accommodate every little feature request but on the other hand, the same company wants customers to sign up. And after some time adding functionality after functionality the software isn't simple anymore. The trick is to be able to offer a feature-rich, but simple solution.

A company also shouldn't limit itself unnecessarily to certain industries. There are a lot more businesses in need of appointment scheduling than one might think. Just last year we landed a multinational corporation as client for their in-house laptop computer update appointments.

If someone is interested in running this kind of service and is good at design and marketing, he should consider reselling existing solutions. Appointmind offers a white label solution that allows anyone to run their own appointment scheduling website without the need to create and maintain software, and provide support.

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